Graphic Designer working with digital Drawing tablet and Pen on a computer.

the post-production

Related to video and film projects, post-production refers to the sections editing, SFX (animation & compositing) as well as the audio postproduction, which mainly includes mixing and final mastering.

In the course of post-production, we attach great importance to secure and structured the storage of your data. To protect your data, multiple redundant hard disk systems are used. This means that all data generated in your project will be archived and cataloged. This also makes it possible to make quick adjustments afterwards and ensures an overview of the available raw data and project data created in the post-production process at any time.


During the film editing, your recorded raw material is processed into the final film. Every film is significantly influenced by the sequence of cuts and the type of composition. Moods and emotions are designed here.

visual effects

The visual effects of your film are produced in post-production. These include compositing as well as 3D animations, which are incorporated into the film. In the broadest sense, animated graphics and text can also be assigned to the field of visual effects.

sound design

Unfortunately, the sound level is too often neglected in motion picture projects. But the audience registers even the smallest errors and disturbances in the subconscious. A clean sound mix and a harmonious sound design are therefore essential basics.