promotional films made to measure

In today’s digital age, the importance of images and videos in all areas is growing. Of the approximately 80.7 million Germans, over 71 million use the internet daily. Social media platforms are playing an increasingly important role. Around 29 million users are active daily on Facebook, Instagram and Co. With over three hours of use per day, the internet has long since surpassed television. Whether on the internet, on a smartphone, at your exhibition stand or in an app: High-quality and targeted videos offer you clear competitive advantages. To get the right attention, you need to leverage the experience and knowledge of highly skilled specialists that have experience and a proven track record.

We understand commercials as a holistic product. We help you to formulate your message, conceptualize the project and implement it, whether it be a classic TV spot, online advertising or cinema spot.

everything for your event

Modern events are almost always saturated with videos and pictures. On large LED walls, the content will drop off with PowerPoint presentations and movies. All this content needs to be coordinated and created. At larger events, cameras are needed so that everyone in the location can follow the action on stage. Recordings, streams or direct TV broadcasts can be easily integrated.

From the development of formats and pre-production to the production process and post-production, we will be with you. The editorial support, conceptual design and generation of content is also part of what we offer.

We also offer classic event films. Whether conference or festival: together we develop the requirements and possibilities of your event.

Regisseur Matthias Bender

streaming on the Internet

Live shows always have a special effect on the audience because it always comes straighter and feels so direct. On the Internet, this is also possible with live streaming. Moving images magically attract the user’s attention. The time spent on live content is again significantly higher than when it comes to pre-produced clips. The chance of missing something is much greater with live content. A good live stream is not only technical synchronous, but should also be adjusted to the changing viewing habits and behaviors on the Internet. The classic television dramaturgy only works if the audience is heavily involved; otherwise, they will skip.

corporate Video

There are almost innumerable opportunities to present your company with a video: at the next trade show, an internal event, for presentation to your business partners or on the Internet. It’s always about promoting your brand and connecting it with positive emotions.